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One of the oldest of the martial arts, Karate focuses on strikes, blocks and throws to quickly and decisively disable or otherwise neutralize an assailant. While popularized by such movies as Karate Kid, in reality this art is fast, highly effective and very dangerous in the hands (and feet) of those who learn it well.

Highly Effective Self Defense

Many moves in Karate are designed to break bones or joints, throw an opponent impressive distances by using their own leverage against them, and effectively evade or block attacks. Due to the popularization of this art in movies and on TV, there has been for some a perception that it is an ‘everyman’s’ art to be taught to kids at community centers, and that there are more effective fighting methods. The actual truth is that the vast majority of MMA fighters are Karate black belts and there are few arts which will more effectively train you to defend yourself against multiple attackers.

History and Practice

In its current form, this art is only about 200 years old but its roots go back thousands of years. Primarily in North America there are two popular forms: Shotokan, which is characterized by linear techniques and wide, deep stances designed to deliver powerful strikes; and the more colloquially named 'American Karate' which is a fusion of different styles and may vary widely from one dojo to another.

Achieving Black Belt

It does take many years to become proficient enough in this challenging art to achieve black belt level, but it is entirely possible to learn and apply practical self-defense techniques after only a few months of study. Learning the art need not be dangerous in any way. You and those you train with will be taught control in order to land blows that are technically proficient, properly delivered and powerful while barely touching your sparring partner. In addition, the use of protective gear is highly recommended.

If practical self-defense is your goal, you may also be interested in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. If you want to learn a fun sport while improving your balance, coordination and overall physical condition check out Judo.

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