Real People. Real Results.

Are you struggling to find a nutrition plan that gets you lasting results?
Are you a yo-yo dieter who loses and regains the same weight over and over again?
Have you been jumping from one diet to the next?
Have you wasted money on diet pills and supplements that don’t work?
Are you frustrated with nutrition and not knowing what to eat?
Do you need accountability and support?
Do you need a structured plan that is customized just for you?

Topp Nutrition
Topp Nutrition

Make A Change

Stop searching for the next quick fix or fad diet that won’t give you maintainable results. Topp Performance Nutrition will guide you on the path to lasting success with personalized nutrition plans and help you achieve a body you will feel confident in.

Get Started

Getting started is the most difficult step. Don't wait until Monday, or until the kids are back to school. Start now. Our programs are designed to give you success long-term and are not yo-yo-style diets. We coach you in your food choices with accountability calls, macro recommendations and advice. Successful nutrition programs take time.

Set goals and create your plan

Work with our nutrition coach to develop goals and action steps to create your simple and sustainable plan. Topp Performance Nutrition will work with you closely to slowly modify behaviours and habits and give you the education to feel confident in your nutrition choices.

Get results

Transform your life with the accountability and support of your nutrition coach in Port Elgin.