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We provide customized personal training programs in Port Elgin to get you to your next goal. Need to lose weight? Gain muscle? Increase stamina? We can help you achieve all of that and more. Our fitness training pros have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively guide you, regardless of what your goals are.

If you’re just starting out, training on your own is not only likely to be very ineffective but can also be dangerous. Improper use of equipment, or doing exercises incorrectly, can easily lead to injury. Even cardio training can lead to repetitive strain injuries if done wrong and weight lifting can result in serious, even permanent injury. Let our fitness instructors show you how to do it right. Protect yourself from injury and set yourself on the path to a lifetime of successful training that will make your body stronger, give you greater stamina and energy, help to keep you lean, and even strengthen your immune system.

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If you’ve been training for years but have hit a plateau, we can help with that too. We see many clients who have had initial success with weight or cardio training, but who have now reached a point where they can’t move past their current level. We can show you how to train, and how to eat, to push your body to the next level, whether it’s just a personal goal, or you’re training for competition.

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