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Topp24 offers a full circuit of Life Fitness machines that work every body part. The machines have been set up in a format that allows a completely new gym member to enjoy a great workout or the most advanced athlete to dial their programming in for accessory work. Along with the machines, Topp24 offers a three station lifting rack for barbell and pull up work, complete Intek dumbbell set and a host of cardio machines.

Topp24 Gym
Topp24 Gym


The Topp24 gym floor has been custom designed by owner Sara Topp based on her years of experience in fitness as an athlete, coach and owner. The equipment layout, equipment selection and resources have been designed to accommodate every type of person that would be attracted to a fitness centre. Our 24 hour gym in Port Elgin offers the equipment for advanced athletes looking for body transformation, a mobility area for those that just want to get moving and feeling better and a full cardio section with a wide variety of cardio equipment.

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